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Citric - Wiring Devices

Citric is simplicity defined. Citric expresses the love for simple forms and honest designs. The range marks the entry of Honeywell into the wiring device market in India. Citric is crisp and clean, with squares and rectangles pairing well with the wall surface. The linear geometry makes it sleek and sophisticated. Citric is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. The entire product range integrates seamlessly, allowing the user to create a visually homogeneous and design focused interior.

Elements - Wiring Devices

Elements reinvents the look, feel and function of wiring devices with a fresh perspective as an integral and interactive art form, making it an epitome of exquisite beauty. The range leverages the aesthetics of any space, with timeless materials, textures inspired from fine art and previously unreached levels of attention to detail. While designed with striking looks, the Elements range is also engineered to enhance the user experience. The functional aspects of the products are engineered to surprise the user with charm, intuitiveness and ease of use. Like everything Honeywell does, it’s beautifully simple... and simply beautiful.

Blenze plus - Antibac & Wiring Devices

Blenze plus - Antibac

Blenze plus introduces a range of wiring accessories (switches, sockets & front plates), which offer protection against microbial contamination/ infection, using new generation anti-bacterial technology. Hygiene and Infection control is now becoming increasingly important in environments like hospitals, and homes. Anti-microbial coating impregnated with silver ions inhibits microbial growth to improve hygiene. The active ingredients, silver ions, used in Blenze plus products are incorporated during the manufacturing process and are therefore active for the entire life of the product.

Blenze plus - Wiring Devices

Artfully embellished with a silky satin matte finish, the Blenze plus smart looking flat modular switch range comes in two color shades. With the switch housed in slim 6.5mm front plate, the entire unit appears flushed on the wall and blends in with interior decor. To add to its benefits, this range is easy to install, absolutely safe to use, and future proofed forever with a wide range of electronic products. Blenze plus is India's first fully RoHS compliant range.

Wraparound - Wiring Devices

Wraparound, the leader in wiring devices in India, is Honeywell's flagship brand of modular switches. Wraparound has served the needs of millions of customers in India for years. Today, 'Wraparound' has become synonymous with "switches" and "sockets" amongst customers. In short, it is the leader in the market. Contemporary in shape and available in a variety of colour options, Wraparound is manufactured using superior engineering plastic, making it fire retardant, highly resistant to impact and thereby increasing longevity. Completely modular in design, Wraparound ensures maximum flexibility in choosing any combination of switches, sockets and accessories to suit specific user requirements.


MIDAS combines smart and modern styling with an efficient design to ensure brilliant aesthetics and maximum safety. The range includes switches, sockets, dimmers, regulators and communication jacks. The products are tested for BIS standards, signifying the quality and reliability of the range. With its stylish screw-less finish, and sleek designed front plates, MIDAS adds beauty to your walls.

Masterseal Plus - Speciality Wiring Devices

Master seal Plus has been specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from dust and water. With a rating of IP66, Master seal Plus offers total protection against dust, and is protected against high pressure jets of water from any direction.

Aspect - Speciality Wiring Devices

Aspect is an innovative range of switches and sockets - unusual in a number of ways, the range is visibly very simple and stylish. Its slim profile and flawless front plate ensures that it always looks extra special. Less visible, but just as important, are the high quality materials they are made from, the functionality, reliability and safety which have made Honeywell electrical products famous.

Circuit Protection Devices

Sentry is a comprehensive range of MCB, RCCB, Isolators and Distribution Boards that meets the electrical distribution and protection requirement for Homes, Offices and Commercial installations. The range complies with the latest IEC/IS standards and is fully RoHS compliant, reinforcing Honeywell’s commitment to environmental protection. Sentry MCB is the most power packed MCB in the market. It combines all the solutions for various requirements in one package, which makes it an ‘All-in-one’ MCB. Sentry distribution boards look aesthetically good on the wall and the pleasant colour matches any kind of decor.


Frequent power outages can be difficult and risky

Frequent power outages not only cause damage to the appliances and electrical devices at home, but at times turn out to be dangerous and fatal. Today, most of the residential and commercial complexes are looking for an efficient backup plan for their power requirements. For uninterrupted power supply, Honeywell now offers Automatic Source Change Over with Current Limiter (ACCL). This fully automatic EB-DG changeover automatically switches the load to Generator supply during the failure of EB supply. It also automatically switches back to EB supply from Generator supply on resumption of power.

Cable Management System

Cable Management System ensures ease of installation, customisation, flexibility, efficiency and safety; all, fundamental to the distribution of power, data and telecom cables. The Cable Management System addresses these needs effectively and provides comprehensive solutions for both Wall and Floor applications. Cable Management enables installations to be planned to suit specific layout requirements.

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